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American Legion Post 59
P.O. Box 417
16 Stowe St.
Waterbury, VT, 05676

Post Commander

Post Commander Portrait Michael Preedom It shall be the duty of the Post Commander to preside over all meetings of the Post and of the Executive Committee and to have general supervision over the business and affairs of the Post, and such officer shall be the chief executive of the Post. He shall appoint all standing and special committees, except as provided in the by-laws. He shall, ex-officio, be a member of all committees of the Post. He shall make an annual report covering the business of the Post for the year that shall be read at the annual installation meeting of the Post. He shall make, or cause to be made by the Adjutant, the report of recommendations of the Executive Committee at the next regular meeting of the Post. He shall be Editor-in-Chief of the Post Newsletter.

1st Vice Commander

1st Vice Commander Portrait Wayne Goulet Primary assignment is membership, but also responsible for and familiar with the ceremonial protocol of regular meetings. Conducts meetings in the absence of the Commander, prepares meaningful and fruitful agendas. The 1st Vice Commander must be ready to fill in for the Commander upon a moment's notice.

2nd Vice Commander

2nd Vice Commander Portrait Scott Woodard Assists the Commander with all duties. Particularly responsible for patriotic observances of all kinds, developing Post activities, and the entertainment features which mark all meetings. Helps to observe tolerance among members on all political, religious, and civic matters. The applications of justice are of particular concern. Also responsible for publication of the Post newsletter.

3rd Vice Commander

3rd Vice Commander Portrait Assists the Commander with all duties. Particularly responsible for the proper and effective operation of the club facilities and club functions.


Adjutant Portrait Chris Wood The Adjutant serves as the secretary and "first sergeant" of the organization. The Adjutant is the personnel officer, the intimate contact with the individual post member, maintains the membership records, minutes of meetings, checks up and assists the work of the other officers and committees, and publishes official orders, announcements and instructions.

Finance Officer

Finance Officer Portrait Gary Cromie The keeper of the moneys and the financial policy of the Post. In charge of the year's budget and the payment of all obligations when proper authorization has been given for such payment. Serves as chair of the finance committee and is in charge of all receiving and disbursing of Post funds.


Chaplain Portrait Ted Carminati Responsible for the spiritual leadership of the Post; in close confidence with the Commander and the other officers of the Post, and attends all meetings of the Post. Takes part in the initiation of new members, the dedication of halls, monuments of colors, and the funeral services for a comrade.


Sergeant-at-Arms Portrait Charles "Butch" Allen The Sergeant-At-Arms is the sentinel or tiler, the outer guard of the Post. Identify and introduce to the Commander all visiting comrades and guests of the Post. Responsible that no one shall remain a stranger in our midst. Be ready at all times to assist the Commander. Into your hands is given the charge of the stand of colors which you will properly display at all Post meetings and on ceremonial occasions.

Service Officer

Service Officer Portrait L. Sam Miller Singly honored by this Post by your election to perform fundamental, unselfish work, not only for the benefit of the members of this Post, but for those War veterans particularly in need of your service. Responsibility of looking out for the welfare of all concerned.


Historian Portrait Lester Ayers Responsible for preserving and compiling the records of the Post. Works with the records of current interest and on matters of historical interest.

Judge Advocate

Judge Advocate Portrait Stub Sherman Interpreter of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Post and may be called upon by the Commander and other officers and members of the Post to rule on the legality of their actions and decisions insofar as they affect the good of the American Legion.